Group Sessions Offer Innovation and Competition

Courtney and Kristin perform single leg squats on a BOSU ball. One of the more challenging group session exercises

Group training has been popular at Rise Up Fitness since its start. Groups are minimum three people with a max of six. Participants have been young, old, male, female, athletes, and non-athletes.

The idea behind these sessions was to create a challenging, yet constructive personal training session involving multiple people with similar fitness levels. It seems every trainer and every gym runs "bootcamp" classes these days, full of burpees, ugly pushups, yelling, and repetitive movements. So why are they called bootcamps? Well, because they're loosely based on the rigorous training of the military. Awesome, right? Wrong. The military has one of the highest rates of injuries occurring during training of any sport or fitness arena. These bootcamps aren't necessarily bad workouts, just not the safest.

The Rise Up Fitness Group Sessions are similar to individual personal training sessions. Clients perform a specific dynamic warmup, followed by exercises that have specific purposes. Strength, power, cardio, plyometrics, and balance are just a few of the categories of fitness that are addressed during sessions. The amount of people in each session is kept low so that everyone may receive individual attention. Competition among participants is always encouraged yet camaraderie is always present. 

Safety is one of the primary goals with Rise Up Fitness. Just because an activity is difficult, or is accompanied with endless yelling from the "drill instructor," doesn't mean it's effective. Hard work should always be accompanied with proper technique and coaching. Once technique is compromised, the exercise is done.

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