Online Personal Training - Fitness at a Distance 

You can run but you can't hide! Rise Up Fitness now offers quality training to anybody in the world. Stop feeling lost at the gym, unmotivated at home, confused about nutrition, and BECOME ACCOUNTABLE for your fitness. Here's what an online training program with Rise Up Fitness can do for you:

  • Personal, Physical, and Nutritional Assessment - Knowledge of injuries, workout experience, diet, and personal goals will help establish a more accurate plan
  • Periodized Monthly Training Program - You can't do the same workout everyday. A quality program needs safety, progression, direction, and variety. The client should know how AND why they are doing what they're doing
  • Meal Plan - A natural, healthy, practical nutrition plan, using a research-based, "real food" template. 
  • Weekly Trainer Contact - Opportunity for client to ask questions, discuss progress, and talk about anything else that will aid progress. Trainer will also be available for unlimited text and/or email contact to answer quick questions
  • Exercise Videos - Safety during exercise is the MOST IMPORTANT goal of any workout program. Any exercise a client would like to see may be sent for free. Videos of client performing exercises may be critiqued for free by trainer as well

It is possible to change your life, you just have to want to. Nothing worthwhile is easy. With the right plan, you can have what you want, do what you want, be what you want! FORGET ABOU THE PAST, AND MAKE THE REST OF YOUR LIFE, THE BEST OF YOUR LIFE! Online training may be purchased below:

Let's Get Started

4-Week Personal Training Program          $75

I Want Results

8-Week Personal Training Program          $130

Change My Life!

12-Week Personal Training Program         $180