Pam Kosanke

"I have been training with Poul since moving to Boulder, Colorado in September 2012. I liked him right away because of his confidence in meeting my high standards while training for USA Rugby. He worked hard for my business and took sincere interest in helping me get back into National Team shape after suffering a nasty concussion on the rugby field. Poul is  an extremely competent, reliable, professional and charismatic trainer who is equal parts tough-love and fun-loving.

Most importantly for me, he gets first-hand what it takes to be an elite level athlete both physically and mentally, and exudes this throughout the workouts he creates. He is also capable of working with my many chronic sports injuries and strategically works in important pre-hab and rehab sets throughout my routine. Although I am now retired from USA Rugby, I continue to train with Poul because he helps me feel ready to take on the next chapter in my life, whenever it happens to presents itself!"

University of Michigan Softball Player, 1996 - 2000

USA Rugby National Team Member (15s & 7s), 2001 - 2013

CMO, USA Rugby

Lauren Boyle

"I started seeing Poul because I was frustrated sitting on a plateau with my physical fitness. I play competitive ultimate frisbee and wanted to be a main contributor to my team. After training with him, I am now stronger, faster and more importantly, believe in myself and what I am capable of.

Training with Poul is something I look forward to every week. I walk into the gym knowing that no matter how terrible the day has been, Poul has put together a workout that will challenge me physically, mentally and by the end of the workout, makes me feel like a success. A training session is never easy, but Poul always makes it worth the sweat and effort to achieve my goals.    

Poul has helped me realize that I can do more then I think I can." "The bar might be moving slowly. But it’s moving. Keep pushing." - Poul Collins

Captain - Molly Brown Ultimate Frisbee, Boulder, Colorado

Cliff Patterson

"I am a rated figure skating professional and dancer who started working with Poul 10 months ago. Though I was always athletic, I hadn't seen the inside of a gym for 2 years and was overweight and out of shape. Since I stated working with Poul, I have greatly reduced body fat and packed on some muscle. I am now 5'10" and 200 pounds. I went from a 36-38 pant to a 30!

Poul's knowledge about fitness and weight training was immediately evident, and I am continually impressed with his wisdom of the body. He provides corrections based on form and technique and gives context about which muscles should work. He's encouraging and enthusiastic as he pushes me hard. In my field, injuries are common - and whenever one of my old ones flare up, he focuses in on the supporting groups to prevent further damage while also supplying me with PT exercises.

Additionally, Poul shares his understanding of nutrition, supplements, and overall program planning with me. Thanks to his advice and support, I have a gym plan which I can adapt based on whatever my current focus group is, and how busy the gym is."

Rated Professional Figure Skating Coach, Boulder, Colorado

Kristin Burkholder

"I decided to try out group training with Poul back in the summer of 2012 with the hopes of breaking out of my fitness rut. I was totally bored with my routine and constantly battling a nagging hip injury. It was pretty obvious within the first 15 minutes that my solo gym efforts weren't doing me any favors. Needless to say, I was instantly hooked. I really clicked with Poul's collaborative approach and dynamic style. Every session is different, challenging and, most importantly, fun.

Poul has this unique ability to blend together the perfect amount of instruction and encouragement with an attainable level of expectation to keep me motivated. I grew up playing team sports, and the group training dynamic provides a similar sense of camaraderie and accountability. Plus, the other girls in my group inspire me to push even harder. It's something I look forward to each week."

Long time RUF Girl

Courtney Stevens

 "Working out with RUF is the highlight of my week! I leave every session feeling accomplished, (exhausted!), and motivated for more!"

University of New Hampshire Ski Team 2005 - 2010